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Chihiro Tazuro


Date of Birth: March 22, 1989

Nationality: Saitama prefecture, Japan

Gender: Female

Chihiro Tazuro (1989, Japan) is a Multidisciplinary Artist currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Throughout her formative years, she studied rhythmic gymnastics and later on, in college, contemporary dance.  At that time, using her body as the instrument between inspiration and expression, she choreographed several dance pieces.  At the age of 21, she moved to the Netherlands to further her studies of dance at ArtEZ University. Then, to The School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem to pursue the art of performance, plastic, video, music, and more.  There is where her pieces began determining the most appropriate mediums for their composition.  After graduation, she devoted herself to Middle Eastern music while at the same time independently publishing several plastic, performance, music, and film projects at festivals and galleries throughout the global arena.  By stepping away from how she is domesticated to interpret the life around her, she dilates her perspective of the world.  Her interest is in conveying how the materials she uses exist without borders and allowing them to determine the form of their uncategorized state.

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Elik Harpaz


Date of Birth: June 3, 1990

Nationality:  Israeli

Gender: male

Musician and performance artist: Viola player, Singer, Drummer, Pianist, Guitarist, Painter, Writer, Actor


Elik Harpaz was born in Israel. He studied music at Jerusalem Conservatory from age six until he finished high school. After he studied Jazz music at the “Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance”. He participated in different music projects, including jazz, oriental, and Balkan music. Once he finished his studies he started developing his own form of art that includes performance, and improvisation and has expanded his playing techniques in a variety of instruments.

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