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“Koi Fish” is a musical group combining performance, sound, and live improvisation based on self-invented structures. The show includes live music (viola, drums, piano, Persian flute, and singing)  with movement, drawing, and performance motifs. The essence of our project is to experience and explore sound. Koi Fish aspire to take in the sounds from the immediate environment that surrounds us and let them manifest into something new through us.

Fueled by our extensive backgrounds, these improvisational actions allow the band to research sound uninhibited.
Koi Fish
founded by Chihiro Tazuro and Elik Harpaz in 2018.

They performed at several festivals, such as Yellow Submarine Jerusalem, Koom Koom
Festival Jerusalem, Fight Festival Israel, Mazkeka Jerusalem, Besarabia Jerusalem, and Gallery Tiyul Layla.
In 2020 Koi Fish has been selected by COCA Project.


Performed Places

2018 Fight Festival, Israel

2018 Koom Koom Festival, Jerusalem

2019 Mazkeka, Jerusalem

2019 Besarabia, Jerusalem

2019 Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem

2019 Jerusalem Conservatory

2019 Hahanut Theater

2020 Zimmer, Tel Aviv

2020 Teder, Tel Aviv

2020 SEDEK, Jerusalem 

2020 Hazira Theater

2020 Besarabia, Jerusalem

2021 SEDEK, Jerusalem 

2021 Okasan, Tel Aviv

2022 Mazkeka, Jerusalem

2022 Yaffo 93, Jerusalem

2022 Sonorities, Belfast Ireland 

2022 Tiyul Layla, Haifa

2022 Levontine 7, Tel Aviv

2023 Besarabia, Jerusalem

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